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Invitational Classes 

Our Invitational and PreTeams are by invitation only.  They are designed for children enrolled in our preschool and recreational classes that demonstrate exceptional strength, flexibility, age-appropriate gymnastics skills and work ethic.  Classes in this program are longer and meet several times per week with the goal of developing your child into a competitive gymnast.


3-5 yr olds

60 min Class

This is an advanced preschool class for girls ages 3-5 years old and meets once or twice a week for 60 minutes.  This class is by invitation only.


Pre Team

2x a week

3 hours

This is an advanced gymnastics class for girls ages 5-7 years old and meets twice a week for 3 hours.  This class is by invitation only. Students in this class are preparing to join our c ompetitive program.

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