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About Us

Platinum Gymnastics Academy
Jr. Olympic Training Center in Pflugerville, TX. 


Established in 2007 in Round Rock, Texas, the facility maintains outstanding programs such as the Pre-school and Recreation program in addition to a reputable competitive compulsory and optional team. Platinum Gymnastics Academy strives to develop children into gymnasts who represent the Gymnastics association with respect, dignity, and core values.


Passion.   Grace.   Achievement

Platinum Gymnastics Academy strives to create opportunities for our members of all ages and skill levels to learn gymnastics for their enjoyment and self-improvement.  We operate in a positive atmosphere fostering growth, success, and a positive self-esteem. 


Our primary focus is to cultivate a competitive spirit to succeed, where participants enjoy learning, while never compromising the welfare and safety of our children. We at Platinum Gymnastics Academy wish to develop happy, healthy and confident young gymnasts, who are instilled with Passion for the sport, demonstrate Grace both on and off of the apparatus and reach the full Achievement of their potential as athletes and young people.

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